Best Entertainment App For Tamil People

The entire Tollywood industry is aware of the popular and trending OTT platform aha. The trending OTT platform aha streams content belonging to different genres.

On a boring Friday evening if you are not willing to go out to party with your friends aha is here to the rescue. Look through all the different movies that are being streamed on the platform of aha. This is the perfect way to end a hectic working day. You will also have the facility of downloading your favorite content or streaming our content directly from the platform aha.

A few of the best movies that you can watch that will keep you and your family entertained are selfie,anbesivam, and jiivi.

  • selfie

Plot of selfie

The entire story of Selfie is based on true events that were faced by a couple of engineering students. In the movie selfie, an ill-tempered engineering student is presented. Due to certain events, he somehow gets tangled in the business of an underground college admission racket.

Soon he along with his friends is being targeted by a bunch of goons and loan sharks. Watch the movie to learn how they dealt with the grave situation.

  • anbesivam

The plot of anbesivam

The storyline of the movie anbesivam features an advertisement filmmaker, Anbarasu. The filmmaker goes out on a trip to Bhubaneswar where he due to circumstances gets stranded at the airport. However, this problem yielded good results as he experiences love at first sight with a girl in the airport.

  • jiivi

Plot of jiivi

The storyline of the movie Jiivi is about a romantic affair. At first, as the movie begins it is the plot where a brilliant man along with his friends plans to rob his landlady. Watch the movie exclusively on the platform aha to know the rest of the story.

Watch the Best Tamil Movie.

Are you getting bored on a Sunday evening? Do you have plans with your family? Then it is time to make the time with your family an entertaining one. If you and your family enjoy watching Tamil movies together then it is time that you go through the platform aha to find the best Tamil new movies.This is the best way to get close to your family and bond together.