Serengeti National Park

National Park

Most of us dream of a vacation once in our lifetime to an adventurous wildlife safari. When you start exploring options and fantasize about viewing the ferocious mammals in their natural habitats, the unanimous choice leads us to the African Savannah. One of the most popular African Safari is the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania– this destination lives up to more than you could ever imagine and will blow you away! Serengeti sprawls over a vast area of almost 30,000 square kilometers. It derives its name meaning “Endless Plains.” Serengeti has a massive diversity of wildlife, including the Big 5- lions, leopards, black rhinos, gazelles, buffalos, antelopes, and around 1500 exotic animal species.

How do you get to Serengeti?

If you are looking into travelling economically, you could fly into Nairobi and take a shuttle bus into the town of Arusha. The best way of reaching Serengeti from Arusha is by taking a charter plane into the numerous airstrips of Serengeti. If you go through a travel agent, they take care of all your ground transportation. If you enjoy road trips, the drive from Arusha to Serengeti is 350kms and takes around 8kms. The roads are filled with pits and bumpy; however, the scenery is beautiful, and you could be lucky to see animal sightings on your journey.

National Park

One of the first class hotels is the extravagant Four Seasons Serengeti. It’s an ideal area for game survey and watching the movement.

There are possibilities for all from extravagance to financial plan camps. The majority of the safari camps offer cookout snacks when you are out on the game drive. There are camps in which your confidential culinary specialist will make you hot breakfast and meals.

Serengeti is once in a blue moon chance for untamed life fans. Remain safe and tune in and follow your aide carefully. Plan early and experience this awesome wild scene. Sopa! (“Welcome” in Maasai language).

Loaded up with activity and costs of convenience are a lot of lower during these months. The incredible relocation is one of the most exceptional natural life visual scenes which any natural life devotee couldn’t want anything more than to observe. The game drives are finished in 4*4. You can likewise take a sight-seeing balloon to appreciate and watch the movement. The season to watch the Wildebeest movement is between July-September. The absolute best facilities to watch the movement are: